About Us

The Vermont Recovery Network is a non-profit organization that supports the provision of recovery support services for people who have experienced problems resulting from drug and alcohol use. Although our member centers all provide the space for various 12 step meetings and other peer to peer recovery support groups, they are not affiliated with any of these groups.

We are committed to providing welcoming, safe and supportive environments for those interested in recovery.

We are open to everyone seeking recovery. Click here to download our brochure.

Vermont Recovery Center Network currently has 9 member centers and three affiliate centers in Vermont. Recovery Centers have been established for the provision of recovery support services in communities around Vermont. Recovery centers are local, consumer driven, non residential facilities which provide peer supports, sober recreation activities, volunteer opportunities, community education and recovery supporting services.

Recovery support services assist people in maintaining alcohol and drug free lifestyles with opportunities to improve their qualities of life through age, gender, and culturally appropriate supports.

Recovery centers are places where all Vermonters can find a sympathetic ear, information about recovery, and information about substance abuse services in a safe drug and alcohol free environment. Recovery centers provide non clinical services which assist with establishing community connections that lead to employment, housing and other social services. Recovery centers are committed to supporting people in their efforts to maintain recovery, in preventing relapse and should relapse occur, in assisting them to return to recovery.

Recovery centers are committed to providing welcoming environments which include people of all races, spiritual approaches, sexual orientations, disabilities, and people whose recovery includes the use of medication.  Recovery centers are committed to including people who are involved in all recovery approaches found across Vermont.

Leadership is provided by an Executive Council, which consists of a board member from each recovery center. The Council has been tasked by Vermont’s legislature with advising the Vermont Department of Health in prioritizing services, in considering funding needs for recovery centers, in reviewing recovery center funding proposals, and in providing recommendations for disbursement of funds for the support of recovery centers.

The executive council is supported by a network coordinator who works for the executive council and the individual centers by providing support, technical assistance and training. The Executive Council, working with the Department of Health, will have oversight of the recovery centers.

If you have problems with alcohol or other drugs, we can help! Come visit us at a center near you.