Sarah Munro

Network Coordinator

The VRN is pleased to introduce our new Network Coordinator, Sarah Munro. As a leader in Vermont’s peer-recovery system, Sarah represents the network centers in collaborations with our key partners, including the Department of Health and other state agencies, the Vermont Association for Mental Health and Addiction Recovery, and our legislators, in addition to our federal partners at SAMHSA. Sarah manages all aspects of running our nonprofit, writes and implements grants, engages in a participatory process with the nine member centers, participates in strategic planning, and represents the recovery system in statewide and federal conversations.

Here’s a “possibility proposition” Sarah wrote to describe a vision for our future:

“We continue to hold a vision of a rich and exciting network, full of possibilities, so attractive that new and seasoned people want to participate and join us because we are thriving. Word is getting out that we embrace all types of recovery, because we know all human beings who struggle with addiction deserve help. We are open to new ideas and people regularly share their hopes and dreams. We have expanded our creative opportunities to include some promising practices of using the arts to promote wellness. We expand the “writers for recovery” workshops and add new innovative options that originate from members for instance; “songwriters in recovery” and the “Artist Way” work groups. Our centers are ready to expand. We continue the strong mentoring system that has always occurred between centers because we are aware of how important sharing our collective wisdom is to our continued growth. On the national level we have risen to the top of excellence and other states are benefiting from our successes.”

Kristen Aja

Project Director

Kristen Aja has been involved in peer-based recovery for over a decade.   As a person in long term recovery, she understands that everyone has their own unique recovery journey.    Kristen provides support in the overall operations of the Vermont Recovery Network and enjoys promoting recovery centers and recovery services around the state.  Prior to her work at the Vermont Recovery Network, she was a Human Resources professional for over 20 years.