MAT Guide Program

The MAT Guide Program is a form of peer-based, strength-based support for persons with Opioid Substance Use Disorder seeking recovery.


A MAT Guide works out of a local Recovery Center to introduce people looking for, or receiving, Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for opiate addiction to Peer Recovery Support Services (PRSS).  MAT Guides collaborate with local opiate treatment “Hubs” (opiate treatment clinics) and/or local physicians also providing MAT treatment as well as Vermont’s inpatient treatment centers.  They facilitate MAT recovery group meetings, greet and engage MAT participants, spending one on one time with those participants who would like to learn more about the array of PRSS in their local communities and local Recovery Centers.

MAT Guides work out of their local Recovery Center as well as their local “Hub and Spoke” system of care to engage people involved in, or wishing to become involved in, MAT and introduce participants to the existing Peer Recovery Support Services,  (PRSS) available in their communities.  Participant contact ranges from brief, momentary interactions, to group-based interactions via Guide-facilitated recovery meetings to more concentrated one-to-one time upon request.  MAT Guides honor and support all pathways to recovery.  As MAT Guides grow into their jobs within their communities they will reach out to other agencies/organizations extending their partnership capacities in order to introduce more MAT participants as well as partner organizations to Vermont PRSS.  As such, MAT Guides also serve as Vermont Peer Recovery Support Ambassadors spreading the message that addiction recovery is attainable and desirable as well as the overall value of PRSS.  MAT Guides continually communicate the value of PRSS resources available in their local Recovery Centers.


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